University of Bristol

The Photonics Group at the University of Bristol is lead by Prof. John Rarity, and comprises both the Centre for Quantum Photonics and Classical Photonics, spanning the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and the School of Physics.

Professor John Rarity



  • Quantum Key distribution
  • Optical Quantum Gate Design
  • Single Photon sources
  • Single Photon dectectors
  • Single Photon Optical technologies
  • Quantum Optics in Wavelength Scale Structures
  • Advanced Optical Communications

Dr Ruth Oulton is an EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow at the University of Bristol, with a joint appointment in the School of Physics and the Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


Ruth works on quantum dot photonic structures for quantum information processing applications.  Her past work spanned spin dynamics of electrons and nuclei at TU Dortmund, and quantum dot photonic structures at the University of Sheffield.


Ruth also has other research interests in photonic light-matter interactions in living organisms.

Dr Cheongyong Hu



  • Quantum optics in semiconductors
  • Spin dynamics in semiconductors
  • Quantum information and communication protocols
  • Protocols for spin-photon entanglement

Dr Andrew Young

Dr Isobel Houghton

  •  time-resolved QW/QD spectroscopy
  • semiconductor microcavity design


Isobel's previous work at the University of Cambridge included robust techniques for quantum state preparation via adiabatic rapid passage and dynamically driven Bose-Einstein condensates of microcavity polaritons.

Stewart Carswell is a PhD student in the Centre for Quantum Photonics, and his research interests and expertise are:

  • Reflectivity spectroscopy of quantum dot-micropillar cavities for quantum information applications.
  • Cavity mode degeneracy breaking in non-ideal pillar structures.
  • Clean room techniques for SEM imaging and post-processing of micropillars.