Welcome to the homepage of SSQN, a CHIST-ERA project. In this project we aim to develop the components needed to create a Solid State Quantum Network (SSQN) suitable for global quantum communications. 


The transfer of quantum superposition states over long distances is presently limited to about 200km (both in optical fibre and free space) due to unavoidable photon absorption losses. Theoretical schemes to extend this distance using entanglement swapping and teleportation have recently been established.


By developing solid-state components based on semiconductor microcavity-quantum dot systems, we hope to realise all the functions require for a scaleable quantum network, including the final entanglement purification steps. Further details can be found here.


The SSQN project is formed of four European partners: University of Bristol, University of Wuerzburg, CNRS-LPN and Imperial College London. More details are available here.


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